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Making Mistakes

During my high school, I didn’t really thought about life, my life, attitude, character, decisions, and other people. I had this “go with the flow” or “come what may” thinking. Just grab a slice of every opportunity that comes. It feels like “yeah, I can do that” and “just give it a try, it’s not gonna hurt”. Seems like everything can be done and be okay. And so I did. I learned and made several mistakes. Well, mistakes are inevitable. But I think it’s the most effective way to learn. They say that if you want to remember your Wedding anniversary, forget it once. But making mistakes can really tear you down. It haunts you when you’re alone, before you sleep and even in your dreams. It makes you skip a heartbeat, gives you a cold sweat on your back, makes you search the internet about time machines and will lead further disappointments. What’s done is done. It’s stressful, it hurts alot worrying about our mistakes. It feels like it’s eating you from within. The guilt, the regrets, the scars can break us down. Even a brick heart can be as fragile as a glass. It’s difficult to face this kind of reality. But that is not the only reality. Reality says that you are not alone. You have someone to rely on. Someone that can alleviate the burden and hurt. And reality says it’s not the end. Time is a continuous thing. Live up, worry if you must, regret it, be guilty and be hurt. That’s what makes us human. The opposite of love is not anger but it is the feeling of not caring at all. So if you regret it, you must have loved it, if your guilty, it must have been important, so worry about it, because it is worth worrying. But remember the feeling, all those emotions stirred up in your heart, in your mind, at your back and in your stomach. So that next time, you’re gonna be ready to make some more mistakes.